How To Pay



When you click on the 'Pay with ¥Coins' button, a pop up Payment Widget will appear, enabling you to choose a desired product (token) amount which is provided in product packages. To confirm the selection, click “Next”.


If you already have a ¥Coins account but are not yet signed in, you will have to enter the registered e-mail address and a password already provided to you. When you enter your credentials into the appropriate fields click the ‘Login’ button. If you do not have a ¥Coins account, click on “New to ¥Coins? Sign up here” which will guide you to the ¥Coins “Sign up” form.


Once you have signed in, the Payment widget shows the ¥Coins balance as well as the desired product (token) amount. If you have a sufficient amount of ¥Coins on your account, the purchase can be confirmed by clicking 'Buy'. The ¥Coins used for purchasing will be deducted from your account.

This purchasing transaction can be cancelled by clicking 'Cancel'.


If you do not have a sufficient amount of ¥Coins on your account, you can purchase more ¥Coins by clicking the ‘Top Up’ button. A new window will be opened, which will enable you to purchase ¥Coins over different payment methods.

After topping up the ¥Coins account, you have to click on the ‘Continue’ button to refresh the Widget and then click on the ‘Buy’ button from the previous step.

The purchasing transaction can be cancelled by clicking 'Cancel'.


If the purchase was successful, you will be notified accordingly. The Widget can be closed by clicking the 'Finish' button.



When you want to top up your ¥Coins account, either by clicking ‘Top Up’ from the Payment Widget or directly from the Panel, a new Window opens up, showing all available purchase options.


You then select the desired amount of ¥Coins, choose a payment provider and click ‘Next’. The top up process can be cancelled by clicking ‘Cancel’.


The final step leads you to the payment provider page where you have to confirm all previously selected data to successfully conclude the ¥Coins purchase.