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What are ¥Coins?

¥Coins are a virtual currency that allows you to buy different kind of virtual goods online.

How can I buy ¥Coins?

It's simple and easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Register in order to create your account
  • Choose one of the available payment options
  • Buy ¥Coins and enjoy

Do I need a credit card or a bank account to buy ¥Coins?

No, but you would need a mobile phone with enough credit or a scratch card.

What countries are ¥Coins available in?

¥Coins are only available in Japan.

What you can buy with ¥Coins?

You can use ¥Coins to buy credits, tokens, upgrades – content exclusively provided by our partners. If the product or a company is not on our partner list, you will not be able to use ¥Coins as a payment method.

How secure is this payment method?

It's very safe. In order to buy ¥Coins, you would need a personal account with username and password. After you have purchased ¥Coins, they are stored safely within your account.

How much does one ¥Coin cost?

One ¥Coin is equivalent to one ¥ (Japanese yen)

How long will it take for my ¥Coins to be available?

Your ¥Coins will be available almost instantly after completing the purchase.

How long will my account be available?

The account you created for buying ¥Coins, will be available indefinitely.

How long will ¥Coins be available on my account?

At the moment, you can only buy a specific amount of ¥Coins which will remain on your account for 180 days. This is necessary due to current regulations in Japan.